02.07.2020 - Harvest of barley in the village of Radishevo, Pleven region:
LENTIA    -  812 kg/dca
ADALINA   - 806 kg/dca
CARMINA  - 780 kg/dca

22.06.2020 Harvest of barley in the town of Valchedram, region Montana - ZP Tsvetan Kjosin, town of Valchedram :

CARMINA  -  742 kg/dca
LENTIA     -  730 kg/dca

Once again a wonderful and fruitful Wheat Day, organized by Mr. Stefan Penev in Loznitsa.
Many varieties, many impressions, discussions and exchange of experience.
Thanks to the host and all participants!

You can find a detailed report on our YouTube channel!