Leader Consulting is a young company, but we, its team, have always been active participants in the construction of modern Bulgarian agriculture.

Professionalism and experience, youthful enthusiasm and studiousness - these are the engines of our work.

Loyalty, fairness, honesty and openness - these are the principles we seek to guide our actions.

The activity of Leader Consulting is multilateral, but the main goal of each element is to improve the quality of agriculture and the awareness of our clients, to break the European experience through the prism of Bulgarian conditions and offering products and services adequate to the needs of Bulgarian agriculture.

Leader Consulting cooperates with European consulting companies and institutions in order to increase its qualification and be as useful as possible to its clients and partners who use various consultations and developments.

In the "Commercial Activity" section  Leader Consulting presents in Bulgaria the high quality products of two well-known European brands - seeds from all field crops of SAATBAU LINZ AUSTRIA and the agricultural machinery ELHO from Finland.
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