Leader Consulting is a company for real agronomic and economic consultations.

We use information from European scientific journals and practical consulting companies, and we have access to many varietal and technological experiments in Europe, to public agricultural forums and other reliable sources for exchange of experience and accumulation of knowledge.

Our mission is to unleash the potential of the farmer, to support his improvement and compliance both in terms of technology and as an organization of the production and labor process and the quality of work, selection of consumables and proper investment.

The consultant, as an external observer, can give a very accurate assessment of the weaknesses and mistakes that often go unnoticed in the hectic workday, but then cause problems; to identify problems, sources of losses or misconceptions. The consultant can very accurately and impartially assess the human factor - where it lags behind, what it can or cannot do or simply does not want to do.

The main function of the consultant is to stimulate and encourage better work, better organization towards suitable and higher technologies. This, of course, requires being critical and uncompromising.

Leader Consulting always provides written guidance, findings from observations, analyzes, recommendations and warnings. Provides various forms and support materials for the accounting and management staff of the agricultural production, provides practical training for staff.


agronomic consultations - prevention and monitoring in agricultural production, planning of strategies, current advice;

•  organization and payment of labor; efficiency, operation and optimization of the machine-tractor park and human resources;

•   complete management decisions for agricultural enterprises;

•  agronomic training of the staff, organization of seminars for training and exchange of experience in the country and abroad;

•  derivation of practical cognitive experiments in agriculture;

•  marketing analysis and consulting of Bulgarian and foreign investors;

•  investment intermediation.