WEIKENDORF, 14.06.2023

After a three-year hiatus, the traditional SAATBAU LINZ Austria open day was resumed, where the seed house presents its portfolio of over 300 varieties from dozens of crops. The Bulgarian partner of SAATBAU LINZ - the company LEADER CONSULTING EOOD is always present in the field with a group of different customers. Thus, in the years since 2015, over 120 Bulgarian farmers have visited this event and have seen for themselves the huge variety of products that the Austrian company offers. The SAATBAU LINZ portfolio includes both conventional and organic seeds. The company works hard on clean food programs, for a green planet and people's health.


Visit our cereal demo fields around the country. Anyone interested can contact our representatives for exact location information and individual appointments.


01.06.2023 - Traditional open day for cereals in the village of Radishevo, hosted by Anita Geshevska, with the participation of NIK EOOD. Selection demonstration, drone crop treatment demonstration, presentations on Ecoschemes, soil fertility and precision agriculture. And of course a nice chat over lunch under the shade of the trees in the host's yard. Our thanks to her and to the participants who respected us and are our loyal customers.

Our proven cereal varieties and some new offerings that were greeted with admiration by the open day audience. A well looked after demo field - a showroom of good farming and perfect selection.

Lovely oil rapeseed in Valchedrum - trials and production crops

Trial wheat field Valchedrum - our wonderful barley and wheat. There are many new offerings.