We sowed a demo field with catch crops in the land of ET Helga - Svetla Stoyanova, Gorna Mitropolia village. 4 pure crops and 4 mixtures, as well as control fallow, on which we will sow maize with different fertilizer rates in spring. We are building on experience and knowledge. Stay tuned for an open field day in the fall!

Professional and emotional impressions of Mrs. Evelina Marinova

Many of us - or my generation in general - have been on brigades in canneries, vegetable fields and gardens. And then we didn't eat canned food for months, even though it was traditional student food. If we hadn't seen the production of DERONI with our own eyes, we wouldn't have believed that there was such quality and striving for perfection in Bulgaria. A modern enterprise that functions and develops as a EUROPEAN QUALITY STANDARD.

Harvest yields from wheat trials in s. Radishevo (Pleven region), 21.07.2017:

Yields from the harvest of cereals trials at Kolev 0505 EOOD, village of Ovcha mogila, Veliko Tarnovo region, 13.07.2017: