WINTER FEED BARLEY | Hurricane of yield
• Sensational yields
• Perfect quality grain
• High stability and flexibility

SENTA is the latest offering from barley expert SAATBAU LINZ. We have already proven the strength of our varieties and their unsurpassed quality and yield potential.

SENTA is a medium-early winter multirow barley, widely adaptable and suitable for growing in a variety of conditions. The plants are medium-tall, stable against lodging and with a very intense early start and initial growth.

The outstanding qualities that stood out in the competition trials were the exceptional powdery mildew tolerance and the high nitrogen uptake efficiency, which was awarded a score of 8 in the official trial. This makes the variety highly profitable and reliable as a future hit for barley production professionals. SENTA will perfectly complement our stellar portfolio of winter barley varieties.

Sowing time beginning - end of October
Sowing density 320-400 seeds per m2