WINTER FEED BARLEY | Sea of golden grain

• Winter multi-row barley
• High, stable yield
• Complete pouring of the grain
• Best for arid areas
CARMINA is a stable, very strong and extremely capable multi-row feed barley.
The variety demonstrates high yields, which are superior to all comparable varieties in arid regions.

Despite the tall plants, CARMINA is very resistant to lodging. Maturation is medium early, but proceeds quickly and evenly.
Agronomic Characteristics
Winter hardiness good 4
Expulsion medium - early 4
Maturity medium - early 4
Plant height high 6
Lodging resistance good - very good 3
Resistance to refraction good 4
Abrasion resistance of the spindle of the spike medium 5
Yield Structure
Hectolitre weight low 8
Thousand kernel weight medium 4
Calibration > 2,2 mm medium 4
Calibration > 2,5 mm low 6
Crude fibre content low 5
Disease Tolerance
Powdery mildew very good 3
Puccinia spp very good 3
Pyrenophora teres medium 4
Yellow mosaic virus type 1 excellent 1
Viral infestation medium 4
Sowing time beginning - mid of October
Sowing density, seeds per m2 rec. breeder 280-320
our recommendation 320-400