Professional and emotional impressions of Mrs. Evelina Marinova

Many of us - or my generation in general - have been on brigades in canneries, vegetable fields and gardens. And then we didn't eat canned food for months, even though it was traditional student food. If we hadn't seen the production of DERONI with our own eyes, we wouldn't have believed that there was such quality and striving for perfection in Bulgaria. A modern enterprise that functions and develops as a EUROPEAN QUALITY STANDARD.

I had the honor to meet some of the management and team of DERONI, Mr. Dimitar Angelinov welcomed us and personally showed us the agricultural production, laid with much love and enthusiasm and placed on a solid agronomic foundation. CROP ROTATION - I couldn't believe my ears that people are following this as a basic principle of production and are willing to build on it already with new technologies and cover/catch crops to improve soil fertility.

Great big, fleshy, quality peppers, the most gorgeous eggplants I've ever seen, tomato plants piled high, cornichons like something out of a catalog - harvesting them was going full speed. Hundreds of people, to whom DERONI gives a living, were working in the fields. The harvested produce is processed in a maximum of 24 hours!

Precision automated drip irrigation is the basis of the yields naturally and Mr. Angelinov's forward-thinking engineering, which he translates into action with his own know-how in machinery, technology and organization.
Inevitably, the thought occurs to me - if all enterprises in Bulgaria were run like this, when would the Europeans catch up with us!

I would not hesitate to consume and recommend the products of DERONI after I became convinced that in Bulgaria it can be produced qualitatively and hygienically.

When I am in the supermarket to shop, I always buy only our customers' products out of solidarity, and there are many - eggs, milk, flour, oil, chickens, meat, nuts - not just one brand. But having personally touched the gardens of DERONI, I can recommend to all Bulgarians for their table this wonderful Bulgarian food!

When we go abroad to a partner company, people first tell us their story, then they show us the factory and the production process, so we gain trust for future relationships. Maybe we Bulgarians are still a bit shy and don't have the self-confidence of factors, but everyone should show what they have achieved at all costs, they should tell and inform, be proud of their work, so people will have more confidence in Bulgarian production, and foreigners will appreciate us more because we really can do a lot.

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