Unusual and with great interest, our last open field day for this spring, held at the trial fields of ET Helga - Svetla Stoyanova on May 28, passed. In addition to cereals and rapeseed, the focus of the day was catch crops and their benefit to the soil.

Very good open field days !

Thanks to the wonderful owners who grew these fields - ZK Vihar - Senokos village, ET Zdravko Sivov- Karnobat town and ZKPU Seyach - Tsarevtsi village. We would also like to thank the many good farmers who visited us and shared their experience and impressions. With your support we are moving forwar

The frost of the catch crops has begun. The photos in the article are from a field sown with the OPULPLUS mixture, taken at the same location in December 2017 and on 23.01.2018.