(Phacelia tanacetifolia)

Family: Boraginaceae


General information

The phacelia is distributed mainly in western North America; individual species occur in Asia, Africa and Hawaii. In recent times, the plant has served as a green manure catch crop, but also as an ornamental plant, as forage, and honey bee forage.

How to technologically support the quality potential of high protein wheats

1. What dependencies exist between grain quality indicators

The main difference of wheat from other cereals is its gluten content. The higher it is, the bulkier the bread becomes. But gluten also has its own constituent parts - glutenins, which bind the dough together, and gliadins, which allow the dough to be weighed - the latter being provided only by certain wheat varieties that are of interest for special needs and quality flours for the domestic and foreign markets.

• Background:

Buckwheat was brought over from Asia in the early 16th century because of a chronic shortage of cereals in Central Europe at that time. It has the advantage of being able to grow in infertile sandy and wet soils.